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Autumn, first of all, reminds of itself coolness and the beginning of the school year. In the UK, the “first september” concept is very conventional. In English private schools, students start studying most often during the first week of September, but even here there is no single standard. So parents should clearly monitor the schedule on the school’s website – not a rare case when children find themselves at the locked gates of the school coming a day, or even two earlier. But, here the main thing is not to be late, because for omissions in the best schools in the UK punish strictly and even fine parents.
For the Mercury Education team, the first day of autumn was marked by an invitation to the presentation of the new building of London’s Burlington School of English. The event was organized with a scope and taste. Despite the fact that not all finishing works have been completed, the grandiose scale and level of service is already clear. The four-storey building of the former church was transformed into classrooms and apartments for students.
And each of the residential floors is designed for different age groups.
On the ground floor there will be a full kitchen, which will prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There are spacious rooms for rest and communication of students outside the classroom. Comfort is essential for the successful assimilation of the material. However, it is worth admitting that British standards do not always correspond to the ideas of our students (originally from the post-Soviet space and from China) about quality London real estate. Sometimes we have to compromise, especially when it comes to a convenient location in the center of the city. So in the case of Burlington, the opposite is true!

It is not hesitation to recommend tuition and accommodation directly in the school building for children and adults who plan to study English in London.
The centre is very convenient to get to both public transport and taxis.
Nearby is a beautiful park for walking and playing sports.
There is a full indoor swimming pool within walking distance. The history of the language school itself goes back 30 years.
All teachers are native speakers and have diplomas that allow them to work with international students.
Founder and permanent head of business all this time lives his brainchild.
The atmosphere in the classes is friendly, but at the same time very businesslike. The results of students, their feedback and reputation in general are extremely important for the staff of the school.

The administration is flexible in its approach to customer requests and provides the opportunity to provide training across the spectrum – from standard English for children to narrowly directed courses for professionals (financial sector, medicine, oil and gas industry, marketing and others). There are group and individual courses. It all depends on the wishes of the customer and his financial capabilities.

While the Burlington School of English does not position itself as a budget option for London, we have the opportunity to invite groups of children and teenagers there along with a week’s companion for as little as 700 pounds per person including accommodation, meals on full board and cultural program.

Burlington invites you to England for the summer holidays. A six-year summer language camp in Cheltenham is set up for children and adolescents for six summer weeks. The program is full of activities and excursions.

You can go to England at any time of the year, the climate allows you to enjoy all year round walks in numerous parks and visit iconic attractions. Mercury Education specialists will help you organize everything exactly as you need it. The result of the study will be inevitable, and positive emotions will remain forever.

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