Education in the UK will remain one of the best in the world


Britain has survived another “extraordinary” parliamentary election. The news of the Conservatives’ victory for the London-based education agency MercuryEducation was a good pre-New Year’s gift. Although in a decent English society, talk about politics is considered a bad tone, but for us as employees of the British education sector the issue was, frankly, a rib.

One of Labour’s election promises was to reform school and university education in the UK. The plan was to virtually dismantle the entire system of fee-paying schools that had been in place over several centuries. Of course, we are always happy to help talented students with scholarships in private English schools, but the cancellation of all payments from parents obviously could not lead to something good. So for companies operating in the UK education market, if Labour wins, there was a risk of losing business in principle.

Among the directors of English private schools, professors and teachers of British universities there was quite serious talk that educational institutions will simply move to European countries and work there. How could we swing at such a valuable sector for the country in every respect, as education, sensible people could not give an answer. Education for international students in the UK generates tens of billions of pounds in the UK every year.

At the moment the danger is over. You can work quietly and believe in the bright conservative future of good old England. It is worth believing that the epic with the country’s exit from the European Union will finally come to an end. We may all have our own views on this decision of British citizens, but the uncertainty of recent years has severely hampered the economy and brought nervousness to some parents’ plans for education planning in England for their children.

We are pleased to see a resurgence in demand for booking summer camps for children and teenagers, where you can learn English and relax at the same time, as well as language courses for adults across the UK. Family programs are very popular, when parents can learn English and travel in parallel with their children, get acquainted with British culture.
If you have questions about how to arrange a child in a private English school, book a vacation program in a language camp, fill out an application for admission to a British university, then write to us through the feedback form or call.

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