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New Year’s celebrations were celebrated with fireworks. Our students, who have already received cherished places in the best private schools in the UK, are working on the development of new material. And experienced parents are already preparing in advance for the summer holidays in England for their children. What else can motivate a young student to learn English as an prospect to go on vacation to an English language camp? Perhaps only a trip to the VERY good camp, where it is waiting for entertainment and activity on the system ALL ALL – HurtwoodHouse.

It is necessary to hurry up with the decision to book the program, as the places for Russian-speaking guys are strictly limited and their number can not exceed fifteen percent.
On the one hand, this is an absolute plus, but on the other hand, not everyone manages to get into HurtwoodHouse SummerSchool, because only 100 people at a time can take this first-class language camp in the UK. Last year, by April, we closed all vacancies.

The main feature of this English boarding school is creativity. It is one of the few private schools in England that does not have a school uniform. Future directors, theatre actors and musicians are released from its walls. In the future, the majority of graduates get places in the best universities in the UK. It is worth noting the convenient location in a picturesque village surrounded by woods near the town of Guildford, less than an hour’s drive from London.

HurtwoodHouse will appeal to those who value the highest level in all aspects of the summer language camp to learn English, such as: teacher qualifications, accommodation conditions, a wide range of extracurricular developmental and sports activities, as well as educational excursions.

It offers a great variety of activities and activities for children and teenagers from the ages of 11 to 17: equestrian, bowling, karting, paintball, ice rink, cinema, drum studio and more. Everyone will find something to their liking.

The all-inclusive principle is a rarity for England. The feedback from our students on the results of the trip in the last few years is extremely enthusiastic. For those who return again, there is a discount.

Learning in England on a unique program developed by teachers of a prestigious private school, will bring not only the ability to speak English without problems, but also reward bright, positive emotions. Compact groups for English classes allow you to give maximum attention to each of the students. The development of non-classroom speaking is important to ensure full immersion in the language environment.

Learning English in London for children can be arranged during the school year, even if it will be a short week program. The effect will be definitely, and the outlook when visiting the iconic landmarks of the capital of Great Britain will expand significantly. There are few places on the planet where the cultural, historical and technological heritage of the previous millennium is so densely concentrated.

MercuryEducation, an educational agency based in London, arranges for you to travel to one of the best summer language camps, HurtwoodHouse SummerSchool, or language courses and will provide all the support you need while you stay in England. To book seats, call us via messengers or ask questions via feedback form.

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