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Out of the wide range of world-renowned universities, the United Kingdom is known to have some of the most prestigious and highly demanded higher education establishments. The unparalleled quality, the dedication to traditions, the most innovative teaching methods, the emphasis on the student’s strengths; these characteristics can be attributed to all British universities, without exceptions.

One should also take into consideration the importance of the convenient geographical location of the United Kingdom with respect to that of Russia; this allows students to comfortably travel back home on a regular basis, taking away the feeling of being disconnected from both friends and family. Furthermore, travelling around Europe during the holidays, as well as on weekends, is made incredibly easy via the highly developed airline and train networks.ucl-campus

British education, famous for its exceptional quality, lays a perfect foundation for the future accomplishment of a young individual’s most ambitious plans, no matter what country they will ultimately choose to live in, or which sector they will choose for employing their acquired knowledge.

In order to be successful in their studies, every candidate must not only have the ability to write and communicate in English at a significantly high level, but they must also be ready to adapt to the teaching methods that may be new to them and to be able to solve any day-to-day issues independently. This does not pose a challenge for some; however, there are students that may require a short adaption period, in order to feel confident in the new cultural, academic and linguistic environments. In order to overcome this difficulty there are preliminary “Foundation” courses on offer, which effectively prepare the international student for entry into university under time constraints that range from six months to one year.

Given that the courses are individually structured by every university and that these universities, in turn, all have very unique characteristics, it is vital that you choose the optimal option. Mercury Education can not only help you to pick the ideal preparatory course, but can also deal with organisational issues regarding the submission of your application.

Mercury Education can assist university applicants in assessing the entrant’s capabilities, helping to choose the ideal study programmes and institutions, preparing the required entry documentation, writing of personal statement and also in training the entrant for their official interview at the university.

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