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Holiday Courses in Great BritainAfter a tightly-packed academic year, the holidays are a perfect time for replenishing emotions and energy levels. Children are lucky to enjoy three whole months of summer holidays, during which they are able to unwind, to gain new skills and experiences, as well as to perfect their knowledge of a certain subject. England provides the perfect opportunity to learn English whilst finding out more about the culture and visiting famous touristic sites. Communicating in English with people from the same age-group but from different countries helps to expand linguistic capabilities by getting rid of language barriers; it would also help to improve one’s understanding of representatives from other cultures, boost confidence levels and it might even become a stepping stone towards full immersion into British education.

Qualified teachers will help to open up one’s potential for learning and using English via thorough practice. They will also lay out the foundation for day-to-day conversations, which is an important factor that is often missing when learning languages in classrooms.

There are opportunities for everyone to join one of the holiday programmes – no matter whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate level. The length of the programme can be chosen starting from one week; however, the most effective options are considered to be no shorter than two weeks. A longer programme would give the student enough time to adapt physically to the new location, as well as mentally to the new linguistic environment.

Holiday Courses in Great BritainIn the United Kingdom, extra attention is given to the creation of a comfortable psychological atmosphere both among peer-groups and between the teacher and the student. Everything is accompanied with a smile and without any unnecessary pressure. In addition, the strong traditions and the usage of the most innovative teaching methods ensure that the most outstanding results are achieved.

You can be certain that your child will receive the highest standards of teaching, given that all the schools are accredited by the British Council, which guarantees the child’s safety, thorough supervision and the optimum combination of studying with leisure. All the programmes will incorporate a number of sports, entertainment and touristic events. It will never get dull or boring!

You can send any questions regarding the choice of a programme using the contact form or simply by calling us. A member from the team of Mercury Education specialists will help you to choose something that will meet all your needs and preferences.

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