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Private Schools in Great Britain - Westminster SchoolThe notion of an English private school characteristically implies traditional, high-quality education. Students who finish private schools stand a better chance of getting into university, as these schools have notably higher requirements and standards of teaching relative to public schools.

However, those who have decided to take this option must understand that, despite the government enforcing a single curriculum on all private and public academic establishments, every private school is unique in its own way.

This results from the fact that every school’s administrative team separately determines the direction of development, prioritising the subjects and methods that it deems as the most important. This presents an opportunity to find the optimal option for children with specific interests or talents in a particular field, be it the sciences, humanities, or the arts.

One can think of this as a step towards professional specialisation in the early stages of learning, whilst the core academic disciplines are taught on an equally superior level, allowing to continue through to higher education in one of Britain’s prestigious universities.

Physical education and sports are highly promoted by British private schools. Children have many opportunities to train in world-famous sports, such as football, basketball, or tennis, as well as in those that are known to be more traditional in England, like rugby, field hockey, or cricket. The full list of what is available depends on the individual academic establishment.

Private Schools in Great Britain - Westminster SchoolIn private schools, teachers primarily focus on the development of the student’s individual talents and abilities. In order to encourage this, the necessary conditions are established through smaller class sizes, abounding libraries, modern laboratories, additional lessons in music, and through the provision of personalised assistance from teachers to help with assignments and homework.

Overall, the main objective is reached through outstanding quality and effective education, which brings out and develops the child’s unique strengths and assists in determining their future.

Competition for entry into private schools is incredibly high. Foreign students must compete with local children, who are not only fluent in English, bur are also well-accustomed to the educational system. Thus, even very talented and worthy candidates from other countries must be superior in many parameters. It is very important for children and parents to receive experienced and well-guided support, in order to ascertain effective preparation prior to enrolment.

Mercury Education can guide you though the choice of private schools, and can realistically assess the possibility of acceptance into your chosen academic establishment. We will accompany you along every stage of the preparation process and throughout the duration of your studies. You can send your questions regarding UK private schools through our online feedback form, or call us to find out more.

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