Real Estate in the UK

Many of our clients that are starting education in England are faced with the question of either renting or buying property. This is especially the case for those wishing to remain connected to this country in the future.

In the recent decades, the real estate market in the United Kingdom has enjoyed previously unseen growth. With people from all over the world looking to acquire houses and flats, either for personal use or investment, the demand for real estate remains stable, whilst prices continue to escalate.

The acquisition of property requires a good understanding of the cooperation system between the seller, the buyer and estate agencies. Without this understanding, it is almost impossible to gain positive returns from any transaction. Surprisingly, it is often the case that a large offer for a house, relative to those of other bidders, may result in rejection from the seller. This could be the result of precautions, based on concerns about the source of funding, the seriousness of the buyer’s intentions, or simply due to inaccuracies in the formation of an offer. English people are known to have earnest concern for the following of formalities and the respect of traditions. Individuals with differing mind-sets and experiences may be led to believe that the seller and the agency are not interested in the accomplishment of their objective, and they may even start considering the possibility of sabotage… However, this is certainly not the case – the system has been in place and smoothly functioning for centuries, through not quite in line with post-Soviet norms that our compatriots are used to.

In order to avoid collision with unseen obstacles on the way to acquiring the ideal property, whilst ensuring maximum profitability from a minimal input, it is very important to have the knowledge of UK market specifics; something that our experts are well equipped with. You will be offered extensive, qualified assistance in the choice of suitable property, for either purchase or rent, after being given preliminary consultation that would cover any existing questions. Our professionals will provide legal and grammatical corrections and will accompany you throughout every stage of the process.

You can reach our consultants by calling or sending your questions via an online feedback form. Mercury Education experts will contact you to discuss the first necessary steps in the search for your perfect option.

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