Many who have not yet come across the foreign word “tuition”, will find it new and difficult to conceptualise. The English definition indicates that a tutor primarily serves as a guide. Such guides help to develop individual study programmes in schools, universities or outside the official educational system.

Tutoring is analogous to private lessons – a more widely accepted concept, but it also includes some features from the British system of education. Historically, a tutor was seen as an individual who connects academic material to the student’s personal experiences, helping them to build on their strengths. In the modern age, however, their responsibilities also include preparing their tutee to solve unforeseen questions and attack difficulties independently.

In the United Kingdom, despite this topic being taboo, it is considered that entry into a prestigious academic establishment is almost impossible without individual preparation that is privately arranged outside of school. Even if headmasters and headmistresses of schools are often caught suggesting the complete opposite by saying that it is not advised to burden children with unnecessary lessons and to train them through practice papers and mock tests, as everyone has their own capabilities which they must reveal during enrolment. In practice, however, the well-known perception is that if you want to obtain a place in an excellent school, it is vital to work with an experienced tutor and to get involved in extra preparation for entrance exams, familiarising yourself with the assessment methods that are used by your chosen school.

A good tutor is not only a guide, but also a friend. Spending long periods of time together in intensive lessons requires mutual understanding and a friendly connection between the tutor and the student. The child must feel comfortable and confident in the presence of the teacher, in order to ensure that lessons are not only beneficial, but also enjoyable. This high level of productivity will, in turn, result in pleasant surprises.

The choice of a tutor may play a key role in affecting the final outcome of all endeavours. Consequently, it is very important to be certain that you have made the correct decision. Mercury Education will help you to pick a suitable tutor, who will fit all your requirements. To receive consultation regarding the choice of a tutor please call us or send us an enquiry through the online feedback form.

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