Properties close to the best public schools in England are 45% more expensive


Parents in England interested in better free education for their children are being forced to spend extra money on properties close to the best public schools. The average cost of houses in the immediate vicinity of such educational institutions is 415,844, which is 45% higher than the average English level.
For example, in the Beaconsfield High School area of Buckinghamshire, the average price of a house was 1,034,547. And this is at once at 643,181 or 158% higher than the average price of a house in the district!
According to Lloyds Bank, over the past five years, the average price of real estate in the areas where the leading public schools are located has increased by 116,696 (39%).

Average property prices in the counties with the top thirty public schools in England, which performed outstanding GCSE results, were on average at 43,490 (12%) higher than other places in the same counties.

Homes near Hanrietta Barnett School in Barnet are the second most expensive and valued at 367,632 (59%), while homes in the Grammar School area in Buckinghamshire are valued at 246,598 (62%), which is on average higher than the national value.

This means that it will be almost impossible for parents who live in these areas and earn an average of 38,730 to buy property next to many of the best public schools. The average cost of a house in such areas is 415,844, which is 11 times higher than the average annual earnings of these people.

But fortunately, you don’t always have to pay that amount for the opportunity to teach children at one of England’s best public schools. Nearly half of these schools, namely 14, are in places where the average property price is lower in the district.

In the immediate vicinity of Reading School and Kendrick School in Reading, the average property price will be 288,430, saving a saving of 132,718.
Homes next to Aylesbury High School in Buckinghamshire are priced at 112,674, which is below the average cost of homes in the district. And also in the King Edward VI Handsworth School area of Birmingham, the median house price is £82,640, which is also below the average property value in the area.

This year, Education Minister Justine Greening, concerned about the situation, published in the Telegram that the growing competition in the real estate market was “undertheted by concern” from parents, while “less wealthy” families were unable to place their child in a good public school that hosted children living in expensive homes in nearby schools.

Ms Greening called for the opening of new Grammar Schools so that as many children from low-income families as possible could get a good education. She argues that the new schools will help bridge the educational gap between pupils and ensure that the maximum number of capable children is in a good school.

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