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Education is by far the best investment. It is something that will always remain valuable, that one cannot economise on and that will bring endless benefits to you and your children. Whether you are considering basic academic foundation for your children, higher education for adults, numerous language course options or business training programmes, these options represent some of the best possible investments into your future.

British education, on its own, is considered as a world-renowned trademark and an indicator of superior quality. With the help of Mercury Education, correctly choosing the perfect school, college, university, or language course, will have many positive financial, intellectual, emotional, and reputational repercussions.

Distinguishing factors inherent to the education system in the United Kingdom include conservatism, upholding of century-old traditions, focussing on the unique talents of every student, respecting both children and adults as individuals throughout the process of studying and in daily interactions, and finally, the friendliness and openness of teaching staff is also an important factor.

The respect for originality and students’ private space, as well as the strong emphasis on the concept of ‘privacy’, assist in the development of independent, open-minded and thoughtful individuals, who are confident in their abilities. This is equally as important for guaranteeing future success, as the acquirement of knowledge through top quality academic education.

The most affluent and influential people from all over the world, place the United Kingdom as a first choice location for educating their children. Receiving high quality education may be possible from a financial point of view, simply by correctly choosing the ideal option, whilst taking into account any personal requirements and budget constraints. Very few are aware of the numerous scholarships and bursaries put in place to assist talented foreign students, significantly helping to reduce the fundamental costs.

We will steer you in the correct direction when searching for the optimal alternative and will remain nearby through all stages of learning, to provide support and guidance during your stay. The Mercury Education team is a trustworthy assistant and navigator in the sea of opportunities opened up by the prospect of undertaking education in the United Kingdom.


Karina S. (Moscow) 17 years

In the language school, I was 4 weeks and during this time I really got a little bit of English, which is very good) the teachers speak only English ...

Artem Z. (Moscow)

I had an old dream to get a second higher education in England. And it is now being realized in large part thanks to people from Mercury Education. I ...

Antonina K. 15 years

Last summer was for me the opening of a window to Europe. Although, as it turned out, the British do not recognize themselves in the literal sense of ...

Nikolay F. (Moscow, Russia)

Our son is very interested in football (although we don’t expect this to be his future profession) and we gifted him a month of attendance at the foo ...

Victoria P. (Moscow, Russia) 16 years

I went to summer camp to improve my English in 2015 and 2016 and it was great. Although I used to have English lessons with my tutor in Moscow, I co ...

Sergey B. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

They organized a very intensive and interesting one week business English program. Our goal was to prepare our employees for work at a trade exhibit ...

Elizaveta A. (Minsk, Belarus) 14 years

I have been studying at a public school for two years and I’m grateful to Mercury Education’s consultants, who helped me during the admission process ...

Andrey A. (Moscow, Russia)

My children’s education is a top priority for me. It was initially a difficult decision to choose England for their study, although we realised a lon ...

Anastasia P. (Moscow Oblast, Russia)

Our son and daughter have been studying English for two weeks in Summer 2016. Their grades for English at school have significantly improved. They we ...

Victoria Z. (Tula, Russia)

Our daughter Maria spent 3 weeks in Summer camp combining learning English and volleyball. Her spoken English was at a very law level because of cons ...

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